Fit for Clarity

Clarity Global Group is for Top Performing Professionals in

If you are a positive big thinker and a strongly motivated team player combined with an outstanding work ethic, then you can be a great fit for the Clarity Group.

Career Progression

We award and promote our people based on results, role-modelling and attitude, not on seniority. Our future team-leader managers and directors are up to 90% in-house developed.

If you have an outstanding personality and are self-driven and successful, our executive Management Team will mentor and create a Fast Track Career Progression Plan for you.

Career Progression

Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities

If you are high performing member of the Clarity Group, we will give you the opportunity to be part of our Global expansion. Office locations in planning:

  • Portugal - Lisbon
  • Italy - Milano
  • Austria - Vienna
  • Germany - Munich , Berlin
  • United States - East-coast (Boston, New York, Philadelphia)
  • United States - West-Coast ( San Francisco, Los Angeles)

This great opportunity to be part of the founder team involves setting up a new Clarity business and exploring and learning all about the new locations culture, helping to make you a Global Player. These opportunities can be for 6 months, 1 or 2 years or for a longer period.

Employee Testimonials

“Since joining Clarity Pharma 3 years ago I was able to progress from Telesales Executive to Commercial Sales Manager.The time has been filled with learning and growing within the organisation. Being supported by a fantastic and motivated team I am grateful to all my colleagues at Clarity who have contributed to my journey.I am now supporting management and my colleagues in all functions of the business. This has massively helped both my personal and professional development. Clarity has given me a real opportunity and enabled me to develop my existing skills as well as gaining many new ones.”
Rifath Chowdhury​
“Having worked for Clarity Pharma for over 7 years it has been great to have worked within different roles within the company. Mainly due to returning from two periods of maternity leave. Clarity Pharma willingly worked around my childcare arrangements which was fantastic. Directors/line managers are always approachable and amenable to employee suggestions. There is always great team spirit within the office which has always kept employees morale high. As a business it is a pleasure to work for Clarity Pharma and watch them grow from strength to strength as a company.”
Mrs Sam Glover
“I am a new hire at Clarity Global, and am excited about the company moving forward and expanding its offerings to the B2C community. I enjoy the fast paced nature of the work, the supportive team and that the company want to grow and bring their staff along with them.”
Rachael Alexandra

Meritocracy Culture

Clarity Group is a people’s business powered by their personalities and skills. Our people enjoy the energetic, ambitious and entrepreneurial environment. We encourage our team members to promote listening and sharing of best practice. We regularly review our achievements and celebrate them together on our internal Global Group Conferences and, of course, monthly in all offices.