Nitrile Disposable Gloves - (Class 1) - (Carton of 50 pairs, 100 Gloves in total)

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Nitrile Disposable Gloves - (Class 1) - (Carton of 50 pairs, 100 Gloves in total) is available to buy in increments of 1

Buy 1000+ for £16.00 net (£19.20 inc. VAT) each and save 14%

Titan powder free nitrile disposable gloves in blue: single-use, non-sterile, powder-free. Effective in the prevention of virus transmission.

Nitrile examination gloves are indented for medical use during patient examination. Available in medium and large sizes, these nitrile disposable gloves are made from a durable synthetic rubber which is extremely resistant to punctures, tears, solvents and chemicals. Nitrile exam gloves are also stronger than latex. These powder free nitrile gloves contain no latex so are suitable for latex allergy sufferers, and carry an allergy rate of >1%.

Nitrile Disposable Gloves Standard (Carton of 50 pairs) is available to buy in increments of 1.

Available in size M and L

100 gloves in total, 50 pairs of gloves

CE certified

Nitrile disposable gloves prevent contamination as well as the transmission of viruses. Nitrile examination gloves are the most effective of all latex-free gloves and are a popular choice in many workplaces for this reason.

Powder free nitrile gloves are suitable for use in the medical field as well as laboratories and industries such as manufacturing where there are harsh chemicals present. They are also commonly used in industries such as tattooing and hairdressing where there is likelihood that the worker may come into contact with body fluids, as well as in the administration of first aid in the workplace.

Our nitrile disposable gloves are CE certified under 2016/42European Regulation (EU) 2016/425. This means that these nitrile exam gloves are compliant with EU safety, health and environmental requirements and are suitable for protection against health and safety hazards.

These powder free nitrile gloves must be disposed of responsibly in order to prevent contamination. Nitrile disposable gloves should be placed inside a bin, preferably one with a foot pedal or touch-free opening mechanism. After removing nitrile examination gloves, wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water.




Buy 1000+ for £16.00 net (inc vat £19.20)  each and save 14%


Each carton contains 100 powder free nitrile gloves in blue

Single-use product


Valid CE Certified

Available to buy in increments of 100
Minimum order £100 excl. VAT (order may contain other items in addition to nitrile exam gloves in order to meet minimum order amount).

Country of Production: China

Approximate delivery time: 3-5 days

Next day delivery available


Nitrile Disposable Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse nitrile disposable gloves more than once?
Nitrile disposable gloves are designed for one time use only. Nitrile exam gloves should be changed frequently and in between each patient to avoid cross contamination, protecting yourself and others from any bacteria which may seep through any unseen tears.

Are the powder free nitrile gloves medically approved?
Our 100 pack of nitrile examination gloves are Class 1 approved and certified for use in medical conditions such as GPs and hospital due to their higher grade of protection. The 200 pack of nitrile disposable gloves on the other hand is not medically approved, typically used in non-medical industries such as tattooing and hairdressing which do not require such a high level of protection.

How should nitrile examination gloves be disposed of?
To prevent contamination through being exposed to bacteria on the gloves, they should be removed by turning them inside out, and safely disposed of into the assigned waste bin, ideally a hands-free automated or pedal bin. The outside of the nitrile exam gloves should not be touched and hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water before putting on a new pair.

Do nitrile exam gloves prevent you from catching viruses?
If used correctly, powder free nitrile gloves can help to protect yourself and others from the transmission of contagious viruses. The majority of bacteria is spread through hands, from either touching surfaces or through carrying out medical procedures, so nitrile exam gloves can effectively cut down the risk of contamination.

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