Multi-Channel Distribution

Working on behalf of many manufacturers within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors, at Clarity we offer our clients a full multi-channel Distribution strategy and Sales Service that covers all aspects worldwide. Including wholesale into Hospitals, Surgeries, Pharmacies, Homecare Providers and Wholesalers, we have the network and experience to enhance your approach.

Our clients benefit from a fully inclusive multi-channel distribution strategy, helping to streamline the processes of stock holding, negotiating pricing, processing orders, delivery, collecting payment and more. Our customer centric approach is one of many advantages of multi-channel distribution through Clarity that positions us as a leading and unique partner to your business.


Service Distribution

Our fully comprehensive Service Distribution includes:

  • Initial stock holding
  • Negotiating wholesale discounts
  • Negotiating commercial deals with wholesaler partners
  • Monitoring sales data
  • Proactively targeting sales through telesales
  • Processing orders
  • Pick, pack and deliver
  • Invoicing
  • Collecting payment
  • Credit control
  • Emergency stock holding and order validation

Multi-Channel Distribution Advantages Through Clarity

By implementing a multi-channel distribution strategy rather than a single approach, your business can cover all angles and ensure your services are being maximised. This approach diversifies risk also as rather than relying on a single channel, you have many others to ensure there is no impact on revenues. Multi-channel distribution is all about careful planning, implementation, and integration to maximise the advantage they bring to your business. Through customer insight and proactive sales, we ensure that your strategy is focused on what a client’s perspective is rather than just business objectives. This way we understand exactly what is wanted through targeted telesales and ongoing monitoring of the data.

As we can provide all areas of modern distribution, you can be rest assured that our multi-channel distribution approach will leave nothing to chance. From the beginning of the sales process and initial stock holding of your goods, to processing orders once placed, all the way to securely packing and delivering your products and taking payment, we ensure all areas are covered and the relationship with healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies is maintained to the highest level. For over 20 years, our efficient approach and network of resources has delivered results through commercial activities, logistics and marketing that ensures we remain an invaluable partner to our many clients.

If you’re interested in finding out more on how we can assist you with multi-channel distribution, please do contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss our services and how your business can benefit from the advantages of multi-channel distribution. Take the hassle out of managing single channels to achieve your goals by taking the multi-channel approach through Clarity. With our full access to thousand of surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers worldwide, you can realise the potential of your brand and product with our specialist help.