Clarity Global Group Introduces Clarity Medtech

Clarity Global Group Introduces Clarity Medtech

Clarity Global Group is pleased to announce a new addition to the Group, Clarity Medtech.

With a respected standing and established professional relationships in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and a strong team with extensive experience in commercial and distribution practices, Clarity Medtech will embrace a variety of new routes to market, whilst reshaping the way support services and value are offered to customers across the UK, EU and USA.

Oliver Law, Group Managing Director at Clarity Global Group, commented, “Clarity will build new capabilities in the medtech sector starting on both respiratory and wound care. We will bring technology and people together through a unique proposition, placing more technologically advanced pharmaceutical and medtech products into global communities by challenging convention.”

Clarity’s ability to draw upon its existing customer and supply-chain base, and desire to continually bring new technology to the pharmaceutical and medical industries for better patient experience, makes medical technology, or medtech, a natural area of focus. Clarity Medtech is launching with a focus on respiratory and wound care in the medical device market, and welcomes applications from agents and distributors in the UK and EU.

Clarity Medtech Launches with the Pneuvest System for HFCWO

Clarity Medtech has been launched with an initial focus on the respiratory market with a solution for airway clearance in the form of a High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) product portfolio treating indications, such as COVID mucus removal. After conducting and publishing extensive research into the effectiveness of the Pneuvest system for this purpose, Clarity Medtech has began the Pneuvent’s placement in Wuhan and Italy.

The Pneuvest, a HFCWO airway clearance system, generates high frequency air pulses and delivers them to the chest wall of a patient via a vest, which dislodges mucus from the bronchial walls, and mobilises secretions and mucus from the smaller to larger airways. From here, the mucus can be cleared by the patient coughing or assisted by suction.

When in the midst of a pandemic, Clarity understands that it is necessary to focus valuable medical resources on saving as many lives as possible. Healthcare professionals have gone above and beyond to achieve this, putting their own lives on the line, facing increasingly difficult decisions and suffering psychological distress. This is simply not sustainable, and it is Clarity’s duty to find ways to alleviate the strains that healthcare professionals currently face. They are also compelled to improve the available treatment options for the tens of thousands of Coronavirus patients in hospital across the UK, and the many others across the world.

Clarity believe that HFCWO could provide an answer to both of these needs. As it is non invasive, offers one of the most effective treatment options and optimises much-needed medical resources, they aim to use their expertise and resources to distribute this technology as widely as possible.

Donato Colangelo, Group Marketing Director of Clarity Global Group, commented, “Driven by our purpose of bringing technology and people together for better health, Clarity will deliver sustainable long-term partnerships guided by our founding principles and core values delivering the ultimate in customer experience and leading-edge innovation. We are excited at the opportunity to create a differentiated proposition through our focus on utilising the best assets and people to drive innovation, disrupt markets and continually diversify our interests.”


Clarity Medtech Is Actively Recruiting

Clarity Global Group are now actively recruiting independent agents and medical device distributors for the Pneuvest and Advanced Wound Care Treatment product portfolios in the UK and EU, please email us at UK:  , EU: or click ‘learn more’ below.

The guiding principles on which Clarity Medtech is founded are:

Talent: Attract, recruit, train, develop and be the best in a unique culture

Inspirational Leadership: Our leaders will inspire us to do more in everything we do

Ambition: We will have the courage to pursue goals that seem unreachable

Innovation: Thinking ahead and embracing the value of innovation and technology

Disruptive: We will remain relevant by thinking differently and challenging norms

Clarity Medtech are proud to introduce our Managing Director, John Tierney, a highly engaged and results focused business leader with well over two decades of European and International expertise. John is looking forward to identifying and working with new distributor partners in both respiratory and wound care, delivering what the market needs for today and tomorrow.

John Tierney commented, “We hire the best in class, collaborating in a truly amazing can do culture, strategic and effective in leading both Clarity Medtech and our customers to new horizons. Our business model will disrupt and exceed expectations, our patients will be at the heart of our decision making. Our focus will be on building partnerships across international markets which reflect our true values.”


About Clarity Global Group and Clarity Medtech

Operating since 1998, Clarity Global Group are a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution partner for global pharmaceutical companies. Clarity provides a unique blend of services, including bringing products and services to market through their dedicated sales and marketing teams, supported by their commercial intelligence capabilities and specialist warehouse and distribution services.

Clarity Medtechs Head of Business Development, Lesley Capeling, commented, “Clarity will build market leading customer solutions and infrastructure through a combination of high-quality personnel, efficient systems and agile processes. We will utilise and build upon our existing strength in compliance, quality and operations to offer healthcare customer solutions and services that work for them and deliver value.”

Operating from a newly built headquarters in Bishop’s Stortford, and supported by Clarity’s European offices, Clarity Medtech aims to provide a truly world-class customer experience, through offering more products to their customers as part of a managed portfolio, reducing healthcare costs and increasing efficiency.

To find out more about Clarity Medtech, or to enquire about becoming a UK or EU agent or distributor, contact Clarity Medtech at UK:  , EU: or click ‘learn more’ below.