Check your PPE is in date

An article published in The Herald Scotland raised concerns as PPE was supplied to a dentist which was up to ten years out of date. It is imperative to check your PPE supplied before using the equipment, simply check the date on the packaging before any use. Rest assured all produce supplied to customers by Clarity is checked and packed accordingly.

The Scottish Dental Practice Owners Group (SDPO) have expressed fears that NHS dental teams across Scotland have been given face coverings that may compromise patient and staff safety, claiming the masks may not be "fit for use".

Government would supply the necessary PPE through local health boards. But it said when practices received their supplies, some found the FFP3 masks issued are “significantly beyond their expiry dates, in some cases by almost a decade”. The SDPO said labels had been stuck over the original expiry dates with a new date of expiry, but those dates were also in the past and the most recent was 2019.

Practitioners have serious concerns about the safety of masks of this age. How can masks this old be passed as safe when the manufacturer suggests otherwise? “SDPO members are practice owners and must consider patient and staff safety.

“We lack confidence that the masks issued to dental practice staff are fit for use, and we are very concerned that NHS dental teams across Scotland have been issued with masks that may compromise patient and staff safety.”

The FFP3 masks filter small particles from the air which includes viruses and need to be fitted to members of staff. The organisation also said dental staff have only been fit-tested for one or two types of mask, and claimed there seems to be a lack of contingency planning for staff who fail the fit tests for the models being used.

SPDO said a broader range of masks and other solutions should be available to ensure no NHS dental staff face being unable to return to work because they do not have adequate PPE. It said the provision of PPE past its expiry date is a serious concern for the providers of NHS dentistry and called for an urgent review of the situation.

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