360 Sales Process

Sales process

We use a 360 degree sales process to ensure that your brand and product is promoted and sold in the right way to the right markets. Our top-performing Clarity Field Sales, Telesales, Account Management and Business Development teams all have a part to play in developing a results-driven sales strategy by working together with our clients. Here at Clarity, we want to help you maximise your sales and ensure that you get a win-win solution.

We will place your products into Multi-Channel Markets where they have the opportunity to thrive. Our Sales Teams are in regular contact with the market and will pull through these sales to achieve awareness of your products and brand. Our 360 sales and distribution process will:

  • Use a consultative approach
  • Uncover needs
  • Working as a Partner
  • First built relationships, then sales
  • Add value to the client
  • Deliver Solutions

Client Centric Focus with 360 Sales Process Stages

We know that to enhance your sales pipeline we need to fully understand your brand and product, that way we can achieve improved profitability for your business. Our approach ensures that the effectiveness of sales and productivity is as high as possible and includes up and cross-sell opportunities to help create loyal and even lifetime customers for your products. The 360 sales process refers to covering everything, more than just purely selling your product. We help you understand why it is selling and how to keep doing so efficiently, identifying any opportunities and obstacles that stand in the way of doing so. This means you will have full visibility of every sales opportunity, helping create a working partnership with us that delivers results.

We put maximum effort into discovering what your customers need and build relationships along the way, providing consistency. Through learning about clients, we can ensure your product and brand will be seen in the best way possible. The 360 sales process helps to uncover long-term opportunities and brand loyalty that benefits your business much more than a simple short-term sales approach.

360 Sales and Distribution Process at Clarity

Our 360 degree sales process is all part of our wider range of expertise that we provide here at Clarity. As a leading Pharma and Healthcare Distribution service, we have the resources and experience from over 20 years in the industry to ensure our clients have access to multiple channels worldwide and get their brand and product seen, sold, and delivered. We work with some of the leading manufacturers within the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industry with operating bases in both London and Madrid. Our invaluable services and solutions have helped clients all over the world and we can do the same for you.

To find out more about our 360 degree Sales Process or any of our services at Clarity, please do get in touch today. Our team will be more than happy to help and discuss how we can enhance your approach for future profitability.

Sales Process